About Us

About Us

The Whitechapel Centre

"Our vision is to transform the Whitechapel Centre into a lively hub that links business and the community in growth and prosperity."


To develop a well-run centre that provides a hub for the local community and businesses by:

  • Creating economic growth by providing supported workspace
  • Supporting prosperity by building enterprise and employment
  • Developing and sustaining the community by providing meeting space and facilities that are accessible to all
  • Building linkages to the wider community for the benefit of everyone


  • Ensure that the day-to-day management of the Centre is efficient and effective
  • Provide a safe and secure centre
  • Ensure that facilities are appropriate for business use and fit for purpose
  • Provide shared services that assist both businesses and community groups
  • Provide a supported environment for the development of social enterprise
Whitechapel Community Trust
Supported by Tower Hamlets, London Development Agency, The Big Lottery and European Union (ERDF)